New game Krank released for Apple TV


I would like to mention a new game called Krank (weird name but it has its heritage) which was released on the Apple TV App Store recently. In this game the player steers a ball (with a short trail of additional balls) to hit other balls (particles) so they are captured by magnets or anchors. It reminds a tiny bit of pool with physics.

A very nice aspect of this game is the ambience it provides. Each of the 30 levels is displayed in one of five different themes, each one with its own set of sounds, music, and graphics. Sometimes I play the game just to relax with the ambience. ;-)

The game was also released for iPad. It is available for free on both the iPad and Apple TV (no ads and no In-App Purchases either). On both platforms the game supports game controllers.

Support web page:

App Store (iPad): … 63234?mt=8

Thank you for AfterPad!

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