SteelSeries Nimbus MFi Controller is Available Now

It isn't just the Apple TV that's available for preorder today; the long-awaited SteelSeries Nimbus is also available for preorder right now, at the surprisingly low price of $49!

I had issues with SteelSeries' previous controllers. The original Stratus was a bit of a mess. The Stratus XL was much better, but suffered from a couple of fatal design flaws that kept me from recommending it in my review. However, the delta of improvement between these products was huge, and it was obvious SteelSeries was trying to do better.

Assuming SteelSeries learned their lessons from the Stratus controllers, the Nimbus could potentially be an amazing product. The d-pad looks great, the build quality appears to be premium, the price is certainly reasonable. I'm optimistic about this one, despite the previous devices.

The Nimbus is on sale now, and will work with all MFi-controller-compatible iPhones and iPads in addition to the new Apple TV. Similarly, all existing MFi controllers will work with the new Apple TV.