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good point Capt ! forgot about that one.

If it looks like this you have the Android PC version. (Which Doesn't work for iOS)


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Kite Lion wrote:

Stratus XL is currently NOT working on iOS 10.2. Just got one and it wasn't able to be detected by my iPad Air 2. It WAS however being detected by my Windows 10 Desktop via USB Dongle and by my chromebook, as a gaming device.

Working fine here, same o/s and hardware.

Make sure you are not connected to anything else, ie Windows PC.
Best advice is Reset everything!
Reset iPad, Turn off Bluetooth 1st, then do a hard reset (hold Power button & Home button for 3 seconds),wait for reboot then turn on BT.
Reset StratusXL. this can be done by holding the BT button for 5 seconds.

Hope this helps.

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Yo Checkout the Remake of the arcade classic "Time Pilot" in this updated version for iOS & AppleTV.
MFi Controllers supported.
Appstore Link: Captian Temporium
Think its on sale for ($0.99), (£0.79) , or 1 RMB if your in China.


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The Smallest MFi Controller is the original Steel Series Stratus.
It was Steelseries 1st MFi Controller so it has issues these days, but it does work, just not as reliable as the Nimbus, you can probably pick one up cheap if you look around.
Heres a pic of mine next to a nimbus so you can see the size comparison. (ignore the googly eyes i stuck them on after the original rubber covers fell off 😊 )


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Yo Kev!
Long time, been busy with life n'stuff..
I see i got a mention on the last toucharcade podcast...lol..
Basically said we (MFi Sites) would have promoted Mikey Jumps if it had controller support.. (yeah yeah i know its only one button..but still with a little effort could make it work with a controller.. heck he already supports them in Appletv Version..just being lazy.
Any way see what happens,hopefully Mike will implement them.. check it out if you not tuned in yet.
Also that 1 star App rating rating was definitely not me..although Mike thinks it is..lol..We love Mikey.
Just get the controller working!
Will catch up soon. 😉

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If your iPad/iPhone doesn't have a lightning connector port All MFi Controllers do not work.

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MadCatz C.T.R.L.R is garbage.. (Android version)
MadCatz C.T.R.L.i are for Apple devices are Ok but they dont work on Android.
Believe it or not the MOGA Pro Power (android controller) predates ALL Apple controllers,and it is a sound robust controller, (with a great D-Pad) it was only when MOGA got into making Apple MFi controllers it all went downhill for them.. Face it all 1st adopters to the MFi program where mostly overpriced bad products at the start, something which Apples strict policies for MFi development created, of course they are much looser and open now and allow hardware developers more freedom to make better controllers.
You can get most bluetooth game controllers to work on android by messing around if thats your bag...personally i steer clear of controllers on Android with its wonderful ever changing fragmented support, it's all a bit hit and miss today as it was 3 years ago...so good luck with that, especially with XiaoMi phones, the all have different bluetooth chipsets, some have limited BT functionality.. like BT audio only, or no HID keyboard support etc it's how they make them so cheap.

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MFi (Made For iPhone) Gamepads dont work with android, theres a clue in their name 😉, however the Best "Android" gamepad in my opinion is the MOGA Pro Power.

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"Bastion" (paid) is pretty awesome.
"Ire Blood Memory" (free) worth a look.

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I have an iPhone 5S also, just updated to 9.3.1, everything working ok with MOGA Ace power.

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Hi Jinx,

Note: Moga Ace Power is a "formfitting" extended MFi Controller & only works with these iOS devices:
iPhone 5,5C,5S,SE
iPod 5th,6th Gen
"Formfitting" just means your iOS device sits inside the controller and is connected via the Lightning connection.
"Extended" means it has the Triggers & Analogue sticks
Other Formfitting extended MFi controllers available are from Gamevice, although they are great controllers they are $99, unlike the Moga you are looking at, which you can probably pick up for around $10.
All Other controllers are mostly Bluetooth extended and will work on any iOS Device (with a lightning port)

Ok now for the Modern Combat 5 info:

I play a lot of MC5 & it requires an "extended" controller to play, i have around 10 MFi Controllers (most of em), to be honest i prefer using a MOGA Rebel for MC5 and my iPad, i find the larger sticks give a more smooth precision for aiming and also , & this is the main point. i use a small portable 2000 mAh power bank plugged into the controller so it is always on charge and held with the MOGA Grip, this give me "unlimited" playtime, i've found after 3-4 hours of "continuous" play all controllers need to be charged,so i use this setup for maximum game time.

MC5 on the MOGA Ace plays ok, (i mean all buttons/menus work perfectly the same as any other BT GamePad.)
What i mean by ok is the small analogue sticks are very fast at aiming (because they are small), this makes it difficult to aim perfectly, i find i needed to turn the controller sensitivity settings down in the MC5 menu when playing with an Ace.

MOGA Ace is a good cheap option for on the go gaming (in the car/bus/train ect) and the extra larger battery to charge your iPhone is always welcome, (MC5 is very power hungry and will soon drain your phone battery)

MFi Controllers that work with MC5 are:

MOGA Ace Power.
MOGA Rebel.
MadCatz C.T.R.L.i.
MadCatz C.T.R.L.i Micro.
Steelseries Stratus.
Steelseries Stratus XL.
Steelseries Nimbus.
Hori Horipad Wireless.
Hori Ultimate.
PXN Speedy.
GameVice for iPad Mini
GameVice for iPhone

Sorry for the long reply if you need any other info just ask. 😉 see you on the battlefield

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Happy Tennis
Just Dance Now

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Hi Karl,
Well spotted! I can confirm same results here!, PXN Speedy doesn't work on these games for some reason? , will ping the Game Dev's and let them know.

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Hi, Do you plan on using an MFi Game Controller Gyroscope?
If so.. i'm "pretty certain" you will run into some issues...although it maybe possible on AppleTV with Siri Remote.

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Looks like GTA Liberty City Stories, Kev will confirm soon.