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Hi everybody.
You know how you can get silicon skin covers for the MacBook Pro, well does anybody know where to buy one that has the windows 10 equivilant printed on it. Whenever I use Windows on my Mac I always forget which keys are which (obviously some dont change like the letters and numbers) But like which button is "alt" or the windows symbol for shortcuts etc.

#2 Re: MFi Controllers » Mfi controller iOS 9.X question » Jul 27 1:15 AM

It shouldn't matter if your on iOS 9.3.3. Your OS just needs to be iOS 7 or newer.

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Hello. If the game has MFi support then it will respond to all MFi controllers (or you could say all controllers work with all MFi games).
I highly recommend the SteelSeries Nimbus, it is the only controller to also work with Mac. Overall it gets really great reviews too.

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The SteelSeries nimbus works on Mac, but does it work on old Mac's that have Bluetooth 2.0 such as the Mac mini 2009

#5 Re: MFi Controllers » Does Gamevice controller for iPad Air/Pro fit for iPad 6 plus as well? » Jul 25 4:23 AM

All MFi controllers will work on all current iOS devices. The gamevice will technically work, but it's designed and shaped to work for an iPad so it would be very weird to connect an iPhone, also the iPhone may be thicker than the iPads it supports. Get a wireless controller like a SteelSeries Nimbus as it will work for both.

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Dead trigger 2 requires internet connection to play. Does this game too. They both come from the same company so figured it might.

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I have been purchasing apps for years now and I have had some observations.. From experience, this is what I believe.

If an app is pulled due to unpopularity or because it's has a new version (such as that weird OneNote change over), than it can still be found in purchased, and thus can be deleted and downloaded again, even on other devices with your Apple ID.
If an app is pulled due to legal reasons (such as emulators, like GBA4iOS, rest in peace, lol), than it will also be deleted from purchased and once it is deleted off your device, it cant be downloaded again.

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All devices with a lighting port will work... But it actually has nothing to do with the port. It's because newer devices have new Bluetooth chips, and 64 bit processors.. Also the iPad 2 is basically dead so it's silly to add support. I'm actually an iPad 2 user, but will soon be upgrading to a glorious iPad Pro 9.7, and I might get a controller for it. You may have to consider doing that too.

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Apparently the free version of N.O.V.A 3 has Controller support. Could somebody check it out
If it doesn't; is it worth getting the Duo controller for $8? I know it's really bad, but at that price and since it works with N.O.V.A 3, maybe i should get it...

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I know this isn't about controllers, but with MCPE 0.14 you can now scale down the GUI, which looks so much better on iPads, iPad were previously plagued by the big buttons and menus, which was annoying because you had to scroll quite far to find an item in creative. Anyway check it out

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I have not jail broken before but I do know a thing or two.
A jailbreak unlocks your devices, alowing it to be minipulated. So it depends what you download, if you download an app that records your screen, who says it stops when you press stop. An app can also do something completely different in the background. Jail breaking can be perfectly safe, or dangerous. I guess you could think of your iPad/iPhone like a fortress city, if you open the gates, scientists or merchants could improve your city, but thieves or spies or diseases could enter too. Regardling "moonlight" I know of a program called moonlight which allows you to stream games from a computer to an iPad, originally called limelight, well it's on the App Store now, in fact I got it, although I haven't used it yet. If your thinking of something else, well I don't know. Anyway I don't think jail breaking is worth it, but is it is legal (in some countries) so it's your choice. Good luck

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Another question...
So if I did run windows 10 in bootcamp, would the SteelSeries Nimbus not work? Would it only work in OSX, or does it still recognise a Mac regardless.

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Hi I want to get the cheapest MacBook Pro (retina 2015) which is 2.7ghz and 8GB ram (also 128GB SSD)
I'm not buying it for gaming, I'll mostly be using it in my last year of high school and then into University. But occasionally I will play some games. I saw a video which compared gaming in OSX to the same game running on Windows in bootcamp, boot camp was far supperior. But I haven't seen a comparison between boot camp and Parrlels. parallels is far better (in general) since you don't need to reboot and it has many productive features, but is it slower or faster at gaming than bootcamp...

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That's unfortunate, I did look at the games, but unless they become free I don't think I'll play them. I wish people would use this feature, so many apps would be great, like Oceanhorn or KOTOR. Although if you use an iPhone you get that 16:9 ratio so it's only a problem on iPad...

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With Apple TV, or a HDMI (or VGA) adapter, you can mirror exactly what's on your iPad or iPhone screen to a TV or monitor. Some apps scale to the screen rather than showing it in native. Eg the photo app, displaying PowerPoint (in PowerPoint) or watching videos on Player Xtreme (absolutely fantastic file player for movies)
So I tried looking for GAMES that scale, and couldn't really find any, I found a few, but most were outdated for years (so they definitely didn't have MFi).
So my question is "does anyone know of any good games that have both TV Out (i think that's what it's called..) and MFi support?"