Review: Using the Nyko Xbox One Clip with the SteelSeries Nimbus

Two of the best MFi controllers so far, the SteelSeries Nimbus and Horipad Ultimate, are now available at a shockingly reasonable $49 price. The only problem: neither of these controllers have any way to attach an iPhone. The only recent iPhone-optimized controller, the iPhone Gamevice, was an unfortunate disappointment compared to the iPad model.

Well I have some potentially game-changing news for iPhone gamers. Thanks to a tip from one of my readers, I went ahead and bought a third-party grip – the Nyko Grip for Xbox One – to try with the SteelSeries Nimbus. And despite a few serious issues, it’s an excellent experience compared to the other options. At less than $10, it’s an essential buy for iPhone gamers with the Nimbus.

SteelSeries Nimbus with the Nyko grip

Let’s get the downsides out of the way first. Because I’m on vacation, I’ve only been able to test this clip with the Stratus XL, Horipad Ultimate, and Nimbus. Of those, it was only compatible with the Nimbus – the other controllers simply aren’t sized correctly for the clip.

Even the Nimbus didn’t work perfectly. The Pause / Menu button is completely inaccessible, and the rear pairing and power switches are difficult to reach. Still, the vast majority of MFi controller compatible games allow you to pause by pressing somewhere on the screen, so it isn’t that big of an issue.

SteelSeries Nimbus + Nyko grip + iPhone playing GTA

Look past those issues, and you’ll find an excellent controller. This clip’s build quality is first rate. It’s sturdy – as sturdy as the clips designed for the Speedy and CTRLi controllers. The body of the clip is made from a high quality plastic, the adjustable thumbscrews are metal, and the bands used to attach the grip to the controller are thick rubber.

While this Nyko grip may not be compatible with many MFi controllers, it is compatible with pretty much any iOS device you’d want to use. Every iPhone works, with or without cases. Heck, it opens wide enough to support an iPad Mini, if you’re crazy like that.

The SteelSeries Nimbus with the Nyko grip, holding an iPad Mini

The Nyko grip has one huge advantage over every other MFi controller’s grip: an adjustable angle which allows you to position your device anywhere from 90 degrees to perfectly flat. The controller grips officially designed for MFi controllers all hold the phone at much too steep of an angle for my taste, so in my view, this feature alone makes the Nyko clip a great choice.

Nyko Grip attached to the SteelSeries Nimbus

For under $10, I have absolutely no reservations about recommending this. Even without the menu button, I’d rather use the Nimbus+grip combination than any other controller with a built-in grip. The Nimbus is simply a better controller than other Bluetooth controller options (even the best ones), and as jankey as the Nyko grip is with the Nimbus, it still beats the “official” choices.

Amazon is full of other controller grips. Once the holidays are over, I’ll go through and test the best of them with each MFi controller. It’s possible one will wind up being better than this. Still, for $10, this is a great option, and I’ll be using the heck out of mine throughout the rest of the holidays.