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Hey guys,

Unfortunately, no MFi controllers support L3 and R3 buttons. All MFi controllers (except the ancient Logitech Powershell) have the exact same button layouts, which is why I don't specify any differences between them.

Maybe someday Apple will add support for additional buttons, but as it stands, no controllers have these buttons and no iOS games support these buttons

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Sadly, the team that developed this game was shut down a few years back. I don't think we're ever going to see an update

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pman09012 wrote:

I finally put together what I think is the best solution for gaming on the go right now I picked up the Steelseries Nimbus and had a mount for my iPhone 3D printed locally for about $10. I can adjust the phone to any angle and remove the mount for when I want to use it with my AppleTV or iPhone hooked up via hdmi.  The gamevice looked great to me but you are stuck with mobile gaming only and can't take advantage of the docked experiences like with the Nimbus.  The link to the 3D files is below if you wanted to look into this for yourself.


Wow, that looks outstanding! Thanks for sharing - I'm going to have to look into making one of these

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There have been a TON of issues with older MFi controllers on iOS 10 - wouldn't surprise me if the Stratus XL stopped working.

Eli from TouchArcade can't get his original Stratus to work. Apparently SteelSeries lists it as incompatible:
I guess I'm lucky, because mine still works. Though I hate using the controller, personally.

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Jackaluk wrote:


As much as I liked the speedy, don't bother. I went from that to a Nimbus. The difference was major, much more responsive. In sold the speedy straight away. Such a shame about the nyko grips, I have 2 and in NZ you can still get them for around $16 from pbtech. Holds my 7+ and iPad mini 4 perfectly!

Agreed. The Speedy was a great controller when it was released, but the next-generation controllers have passed it by.

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I don't think they ever updated the firmware for the headphone jack, but there's a new iPhone 7 model on the horizon. I'd wait for that 😉

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Glad to hear the problem is fixed, or at least much better! Just a shame it took this long...

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Vohu wrote:

Hi Kevin,

I was trying to update my forum profile's time zone from Eastern to Pacific (because I moved a couple of months ago, and I'm only now getting around to update it), and now it's stuck on Western Europe/Greenwich. I've tried on both my iPhone and my Windows 10 laptop with the same result.

Weird, sorry about that! I'll look into that later tonight

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The Stratus is probably the way to go, if you're looking for the smallest possible controller. Though yeah, you can mod the Moga Ace Power to work, if you go for that sort of thing.

Surprised nobody has made another pocket-sized controller. The Stratus sucked (IMHO), but it could be done right.

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MFiGamer wrote:

Yo Kev!
Long time, been busy with life n'stuff..
I see i got a mention on the last toucharcade podcast...lol..
Basically said we (MFi Sites) would have promoted Mikey Jumps if it had controller support.. (yeah yeah i know its only one button..but still with a little effort could make it work with a controller.. heck he already supports them in Appletv Version..just being lazy.
Any way see what happens,hopefully Mike will implement them.. check it out if you not tuned in yet.
Also that 1 star App rating rating was definitely not me..although Mike thinks it is..lol..We love Mikey.
Just get the controller working!
Will catch up soon. 😉

Hah, congrats on the mention on the TA podcast, I just listened to that one.

I was bugging one of the developers on Twitter a bit about adding MFi support, maybe it'll happen. Especially if it hits the Apple TV!

I've said it many times, but it's still true: MFi gamers are a limited market, but it's a premium market, and its gamers tend to have zero interest in games without controller support. It punches above its weight, in terms of the type of gamers developers should want to target.

I've been busy lately as well, it's been a hectic few months for me. But I have big plans for AfterPad in the future, many of which I'm actively working on now - I'm still here! 😜

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Yeah, the iPad 3 and iPhone 4S are out of luck, even though similarly-equipped devices with Lightning ports work fine

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DarkStar wrote:

So I was having issues with my Stratus XL controller having either hyper sensitivity or no sensitivity on the right trigger,the "support" people at stratus are no help,dont even bother trying to ask them for any. I bought a brand new Stratus XL controller,right out of the box,never been used only for it to then tell me it needed a "critical firmware update" and to insert a micro USB into the controller and then into the computer only to find,oh,big surprise it didnt COME with the cable that I apparently NEED for this update so my lovely $50 controller will work properly. I did however find out today that this is an issue nobody with a PS4 will ever have to deal with since the cable used to charge the PS4 controllers is conveniently a micro USB. SteelSeries,get your act together and stop sending out products that need updating out of the box only to make us spend more money to buy the cables we need.

I'm pretty sure the Stratus XL uses a standard Micro USB cable for its firmware update. Irritating that you need to update the controller, of course, but you should be able to use the same cable you use with your PS4 controllers!

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With modern iOS devices on new Apple TVs, the difference between Lightning-to-HDMI and AirPlay is much less than it once was.

There's very little difference in video latency. And the Lightning-connected controller probably compensates for the difference, considering Bluetooth controllers and HDMI would have their own lag.

The biggest issue is resolution. AirPlay caps the resolution at 720p, whereas Lightning supports 1080p. On an iPhone 7 sized device, you won't notice a difference, but on iPads and Plus iPhones, you will.

At the same time, and Apple TV is a heck of a lot more useful than an HDMI adapter. And with the ability to play native games now, the use cases for AirPlay are dropping.

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Sorry for not replying sooner, I just noticed this thread.

After looking through the press kit and site, I have serious doubts that this will ever be MFi certified.

Apple has strict requirements about the design of the controllers they certify. Tons of this controller's components don't fit Apple's guidelines, from the lack of a full complement of buttons to the mislabeled ABXY arrangement.

The design seems nice, at least. But I strongly recommend investigating Apple's MFi program guidelines before continuing with this project.

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BTW, if anyone wants to subscribe to this thread, I fixed subscriptions in the forum - they seemed to be broken for many people!