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Looks like it may only support iCade controls for iOS, which is a shame. Without MFi controller support, it would be practically useless on iOS.

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Lift the Camel
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Hey Kevin,

I would like to easily see which controller-enabled games also support VR. Thought maybe you could add it as it's own category or something.


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From what I understand, your device has to have a Lightning port to work with MFi controllers. The iPad 3, unfortunately, does not have one, and so is not compatible with them. Your best bet would be to Jailbreak it and use something like Controllers For All.

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Kevin wrote:

I'll give it a test later, but I wouldn't be too optimistic about it. Controller support in Mac games is far, far behind Windows and iOS.

This is very true. Though I have had a decent amount of success using my Xbox One controller and the drivers found here.

The only MFi controller I have is a Moga Rebel, and the bluetooth chip in it certainly has issues. You cannot connect it to a Mac, and using it with the Apple TV is very hit or miss. It seems if a game has you using both analog sticks and a button/trigger, it disconnects. Looking forward to eventually getting a Nimbus so I don't have so many crazy issues.

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JohnnyDGeez wrote:

My only concern is it not being a extended layout controller though.

According to their website: "Developer Kits will be available through a kickstarter campaign once we are ready."
This suggests to me that it is not even a MFi controller at all.

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You could always try this method. May not be as nice as other options, but is much less expensive!

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Thanks! I used HW7WRT4L3P7W.

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Noah wrote:

Anyway, who is in favour of choosing a day and time to try flood Apple's support with refund requests to bring some attention to this (and our money back)?

This is an interesting idea. I never thought of asking for a refund for those games, but I had Bioshock for less than a year when it broke. Plus, since games started breaking so easily, I have seen fewer ports of good games like Bioshock coming out. I don't think it is worth it to them, but guaranteed support for a few years might help.

Does anyone have a list of other big titles that broke and never got fixed? If I have more than just Bioshock, I may be willing to help flood Apple with requests.

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From what I understand you should be able to get it recognized as an accessory, but game developers would have to add support for it in every game you want it to be used with. Since it cannot have more buttons than outlined for MFi controllers and pass the MFi certification test, it will not work as a MFi controller, and I doubt many developers would be willing to add support for another controller type.

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Beginning in August, the Xbox One controller will include Bluetooth ostensibly to connect to Windows 10 devices more easily. Since you can already stream your Xbox One to a Windows 10 device, I think the biggest draw to having Bluetooth in these controllers would be the ability to use them with other tablets and phones such as iOS and Android.

As an avid Xbox One gamer who streams most of my gameplay to an iMac with Windows 10 Bootcamp, as well as an owner of several iOS devices, I think this would be an awesome development!

I also have my Xbox set up to be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, so if I could play my Xbox games on the go, I may very well not have time for iOS games anymore.

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Jeosh wrote:

Hi to all
I wish to buy a gampad for playing to some emulators installed without jailbreak to my iphone 6s ios 9.3.2
some of these support icade, so I don't know if a mfi controller is ok, or I need to buy specifically an icade controller.

MFi controllers are not compatible with iCade. iCade is a dead framework that is only supported by a few emulators. If you have a Mac computer, you can use XCode to build emulators such as Provenance which support MFi controllers.

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Jackaluk wrote:

Older ones, but I'd love bug heroes and bug heroes 2 to get it. Not a chance for the first one, but maybe number 2??

I thought for sure Bug Heroes 2 was going to get updated with controller support. Foursaken released an update that looked like it had experimental layouts for controls, but then was gone the next update and was never added 😢

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One of the games I mentioned finally got controller support!

Now Max Payne 2 needs to come to iOS. It was the best one!

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Mine works with the Moga Rebel of all controllers 😉