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Kevin wrote:

Soon... Everything control-related needs to be tracked by hand. It's a massive pain in the ass, actually!

For major games, at least, I'll start displaying controls in the near future. I'm in the process of coding a major update for the site, which will lay the groundwork for new features like that!

You've probably already thought of this, but give members the ability to edit the list of controls (maybe submit a change or something like that). It would certainly make your job a lot easier.

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Phones have a life cycle of about 1 year. Since the 6s came out in September 2015 (September 2014 for the 6, 2013 for 5c/5s, etc.), the 7 will most likely come out this September.

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I remember you did that earlier this year, but there hasn't been any since. I really liked the idea and I would like to know where it went. If you said something on Twitter I didn't see it, I got IP banned when I got hacked awhile ago.

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I don't have any experience with the Nimbus w/ clip, but I would suggest switching the C.T.R.L.i with the PXN Speedy.
1. It's viewing angles are pretty good but nothing revolutionary.
2. I don't know what games would do this, but if I had to guess it would be because they are dropping iCade controllers (MFi is the new standard). Could you provide some links/games where you saw this.
3. Yes, Bluetooth will draw some battery life (as does anything), but only a little.
Also, the Nyko clip is much larger than other clips. Keep that in mind if you're a traveler.

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Its only a little bit less than it is on Amazon, but I still wanted it post it here.

https://www.massdrop.com/buy/horipad-wi … for-iphone

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I love the game, it's a dream with the controller. But they have no manual mouse mode! It is triggered by right analog click, which is not part of the mfi standard if I am not mistaken. It would be great if someone could get in touch with them.

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Yeah, I wanted to get an IPEGA controller too before I found out about MFi Certifications. The one with the volume control looked very promising, but you gotta check compatible devices. Enjoy your game addictions! 😊

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I would recommend the PXN Speedy controller. It's much cheaper and it's a full size controller.
Emulators should work with all MFi controllers, so the Gamevice should work.

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I use my studio wireless with my PXN Speedy all the time and it works great! The only problem I have is the audio lag due to the headphones, no fault of the controller.

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THEY FIXED IT! FINALLY there's a new update with fix ! 😊 😊 😊 it's still a bit stuttery, but most certainly playable! Also tons of new redstone stuff 😊 I can finally love MCPE again 😉

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Good idea posting this! I also had this problem recently with my PXN Speedy and I went into a panic. They REALLY should tell about the reset button!

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Funny thing they put out an update on Feb 4th. No fix for the controller... 😢

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Yeah, I was VERY happy to see a controller that wasn't the Stratus XL. If only I had money to spare...

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Dear Mr. Afterpad (Kevin, I believe)
You've inspired me to make a YouTube Channel dedicated to iOS Gaming with controllers. After midterm exams are over, I'll hopefully be able to upload regularly.

I'll update this post with links and such, and we'll see where it goes from there. And don't worry, afterpad's link will be in every video.
Keep being awesome!

This probably should be in Site Feedback, since I plan to do the similar things but more visual + if you don't want any YouTube here the magic word is "please" and "don't ban me just remove the post"